Quality Standards

In-house Quality Control

Morris Rose Auto Parts has put in place a system in order to maintain proper business practices and quality control measures.  Continuing actions and reviewing key controls and departments within our facility helps to ensure that we maintain quality products and a fast, efficient, and safe service.

ARA Gold Seal Certification

The ARA Gold Seal program, available only to those ARA members who have completed CAR certification, ensures excellence in customer satisfaction through improved customer service, quality parts with accurate descriptions, reliable on-time deliveries and written product warranties.

With the new addition of the customer complaint system, minimum CSI score standards, mechanical parts warranty, and the requirement of all Gold Seal members to use the ARA parts grading system, why would you buy recycled automotive parts from anyone else?

Established by ARA with an endorsement from the Automotive Service Association (ASA), the program allows recyclers to join forces to take a proactive stance to improve quality and increase customer satisfaction.

URG 8000 Series Certification

To improve the quality of parts and service, URG has created a set of standards called URG 8000. These standards are fashioned after the ISO 9000 certification program. All members of PRP regional alliances must adopt the URG 8000 standards. PRP standards include guaranteed quotes, guaranteed delivery times, a policy of “no supplements”, the best warranties in the industry, no fees for returned parts, as well as other policies to insure that using PRP recycled parts will reduce costs and claim cycle time.