Protection Plans

90 Day Part Warranty

Every part purchased from Morris Rose Auto Parts, Inc. will include our 90 Day Warranty coverage. This basic warranty covers the part only for 90 calendar days after the date of purchase. There is 30,000 mile commercial use mileage restriction placed on this coverage. Our 90 Day Warranty does not provide coverage for the labor paid in case of a failure. Furthermore this warranty does not cover the costs associated with a replacement part (i.e. gaskets, seals, fluids, filters, shop fees, etc.).

Warranty Includes:
– 90 Day part coverage
– 30k commercial use mileage restrictions
– Fast and convenient claims process
– Part replacement only

Signature + Protection Plan

1 Year Protection Plan

The Morris Rose Auto Parts, Inc. Signature Protection Plan is extended to all customers purchasing mechanical parts. This extended warranty covers the part for one (1) year after the date of purchase. In addition this warranty carries our Limited Labor warranty to aid in the re-installation of a replacement part. Morris Rose Auto Parts extended warranties restrict commercial use to 30k miles. The Signature is our most popular warranty choice and is highly recommended for any customer.

Warranty Includes:
– One year coverage
– Fast and convenient claims process
– Part replacement
– Labor reimbursement at $50 per hour
– Nationwide coverage
– All-Data Labor times
– Does not cover incidentals
– Nominal cost to customer
– Team PRP Nationwide service
– 30k commercial use mileage restriction